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Multilingual Localization Services for Gaming

A major player in the highly competitive video game market needed to speed up the product development and sales cycle for its game console and software, as well as improve the contents of its games.

Our client had two main requests. First, they wanted to perform game development and localization simultaneously, so that the contents of the games could be modified as close to the sales launch as possible. Second, they wanted to localize into multiple languages at the same time without time-zone differences causing any conflicts or delays, so that once the localization was completed, all languages could proceed at the same time to the machine test.

In response to these customer needs, TOIN set up a process to begin the localization work when the video game development was about 80 percent finished, dramatically speeding up the localization process. For the remaining 20 percent of the localization work, TOIN established a system in which changes could be immediately localized into multiple languages as soon as the client decided on an English term or changed the text.

TOIN's solution enabled the client to continue with development until immediately before the sales launch, freeing them up to concentrate on developing top-quality game consoles and software. By cooperating with its worldwide offices and other partners, TOIN was able to accept the entire localization order, for multiple languages, and deliver the project on time.

The client's test staff was able to proceed to the machine test for all languages at about the same time, which compressed the development cycle. Because TOIN used the same localization process for all languages, we achieved a stable gaming translation quality across the different languages. If a problem was discovered in one of the languages during translation, our system allowed us to immediately check with the client and communicate instructions to the staff members in charge of each language, so that issues could be dealt with before delivery and corrections could be performed, as required, in all languages.

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