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TOIN Marks 50 Years in Localization Services

Founded in 1963 in Tokyo to provide translation services to Japanese export companies, TOIN Corporation this year celebrates 50 years of service as a pioneer in the translation and localization industry. As one of the most established language service providers, TOIN has grown and transformed alongside a field that began in the days of pens, paper and typewriters and is today a multibillion-dollar industry characterized by global computing networks, databases and machine translation.

TOIN founder Mihoko Katsuta literally began business in 1963 with a typewriter and a sign reading "translation service" in a window. At that time, it was very unusual for a woman to own a business in Japan. She grew the company from offering basic translation services to becoming Japan's first member of the globalization and localization industry that helps companies customize products and services for global markets.

Today, TOIN supports many European languages and remains known for helping clients with Asian localization needs, which requires expertise in some of the most challenging languages. The U.S. Department of State Foreign Service Institute ranks Japanese, Chinese and Korean, for instance, as Category V languages, the most difficult for native English speakers to learn, requiring at least 2200 hours of study.

"We are among the longest serving LSPs in the world and certainly in Asia, which is an achievement we are proud of," said Aki Ito, Director of International Operations. "I think it is remarkable to reach this benchmark working in the most difficult area of the industry, Asian languages. The basics of excellent language skills and caring for customers have always been there. The tenacity to grow and incorporate technology change over 50 years is also a hallmark of the company."

TOIN Corporation has offices in Japan, China, Korea, the United States, and the United Kingdom and provides translation, localization and consulting services to dozens of global clients in the computing, e-learning and training, consumer electronics, automotive, digital imaging, internet, software and other industries.

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