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Training Sales and Support Teams in Asia

A pioneering American company famous for product innovation in smart phones, tablet computing, notebook computing and cloud services approached TOIN for translation of training and testing materials for its sales, customer support and engineering departments to facilitate Asian expansion.

For the sales operation, which includes both the client’s sales force and personnel at sales channel partners, TOIN translates materials that explain product features and benefits and quiz the staff.  We also translate slideshows and workshop materials.

For the customer support operation, TOIN translates instructor-led training materials for use with post-sales telephone support personnel.  We work with standard html files, as well as presentation software and proprietary graphic compilation tools provided by the client for TOIN’s use.  We also localize training videos and handle subtitles.

For the engineering department, we translate training materials that help engineers deal with hardware defects, and we translate testing materials for engineering testing exams.

This client has noted that TOIN personnel are “always present” to meet their needs, which we consider the highest compliment.

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