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Expanding Access to a Word Learning Game

Expanding Access By Translating Apps and Games

TOIN was approached by a popular producer of children’s learning games and entertainment programs that are enjoyed by young learners around the world. The company develops online games, smart phone applications and television content.

One of the company’s key products is an iTunes game that allows children to build vocabulary and spelling skills by interactively playing with animated letters and animal characters.  TOIN translated the product descriptions and keywords for this application so that potential users in Korea, China, Japan, and Latin America can find the game on iTunes.

The company had worked with another app translation provider for game translation and character voiceover in Korean, but the translation and voice did not seem natural.  We tapped native Korean talents to generate authentic-sounding translation and voiceovers, and we ultimately produced voiceover for game characters in Korean, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Spanish.

At the conclusion of the project, our client said, “It was a pleasure working with TOIN, and should we have future language needs, we will be reaching out to you again.”

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