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Industry Experience


Car navigation manuals, news releases, service manuals, training guides for sales and service staff


Business alliance contracts, hotel operations manuals, press releases, white papers


Analytical instruments, biochemistry, brochures, gas chromatography

eLearning and Training

Computer-based training, in-class training materials, instructor's guides, iTunes application localization, test materials, training guides, web-based training


Annual reports, financial statements, investor relations documents, reports for general shareholder meetings

Information Technology

CAD/CAM, cloud applications, CRM, digital camera processing software, eCommerce, electronic document creation software, ERP, image processing software, network management systems, security hardware devices, security software, storage management software


E-commerce, listing advertisements, payment sites, search sites, sites for developers at semiconductor manufacturers


Aircraft operation manuals, computers, FAQ for game console development, game console specifications, household appliances, manufacturing robots, photo copiers, precision measuring instruments, printers, printer plants, projectors, scanners, ship operation manuals, storage devices

Medical Device

AED, artificial heart-lung machines, blood pressure measuring instruments, image processing software

Medical Science

Medical books, theses


Approval application materials, clinical test reports


Data sheets, exhibition materials, semiconductor inspection equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, steppers, web sites for developers, white papers


Base station converters, instruction manuals for base stations and mobile stations, mobile phones, PBX, PDA, ubiquitous software

Video Games

Apple iTunes game application localization, training guides for developers, user manuals for game consoles, video game localization

TOIN Services

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