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Audio-Video Translation

We have extensive experience in audio/video engineering to help clients localize entertainment, marketing and educational content.

Animation Localization

TOIN supports multilingual audio and video translation for animated content. Animation appeals directly to visual and aural senses in an easy to understand way and makes your information more engaging. Many websites are making use of animation today, and localization makes this content accessible to a wider audience.

TOIN localizes both the visual and audio content of animation. When you supply us with your files, we can provide dictation, translation, subtitle creation, and voice over and deliver your final product in a wide variety of popular file formats. We are fully versed in commonly-used development tools such as Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro and others.

In addition, our company has its own studio, making it easier to schedule narration and editing. We have in-house narrators as well as a network of many voice talents, so we can find a narrator that suits your needs.

eLearning and Training Localization

Along with the globalization of your business comes the increased demand for translation of training and eLearning materials. These materials come in many different forms, but at TOIN our localization process is suitable for all available software programs. We support more than 50 languages and make it possible to localize your materials to suit the local customs of your audience. We use the latest eLearning creation tools, such as Articulate, Captivate and Camtasia Studio.

Regardless of the depth of your video or audio translation and localization needs, TOIN has both the technical infrastructure and network of talent to support it.

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