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Software Localization: Desktop, Website and Digital Publishing


TOIN helps clients meet global expansion challenges by providing a comprehensive range of desktop publishing (DTP), web and digital communications services across dozens of languages and cultures. We use industry-standard processes and applications and stay up to date with the latest skills and software.

TOIN localizes everything from marketing communications to business operations content, product and service manuals, and training and eLearning materials to help our clients meet global expansion challenges.

TOIN offers localization services across a variety of media including:

  • software localization

  • website localization

  • product and service manual localization

  •  marketing communications localization

  • business operations content localization

  • training and eLearning localization

Our service offerings are specifically designed to meet our clients' global expansion challenges.


Benefits of Working with TOIN Include

Experience and Best Practices

TOIN is able to provide service excellence because of our in-depth experience creating manuals and our facility with current communications modes and technologies. Whether you are localizing existing materials or producing new materials, we have independently-developed best practices to help you achieve success.

Single-Source/Multi-Use Strategies

Our know-how in single-source/multi-use reduces cost and accelerates projects. We recommend single-source/multi-use because it takes into account how data can be transferred in the future and leveraged across different communications modes, such as print and web.

High Volume Documents Production

TOIN creates a cooperative organization that brings together in-house staff and external staff when involved in large-scale projects of over 1,000 pages. We construct a production organization in line with the required deadline and budget.

Many Languages

In addition to European languages, we perform DTP editing for Asian languages such as Japanese, Chinese (traditional and simplified) and Korean, and lesser known languages. We can capture screen shots on the operating system in each language and check the user interface on the actual machines.

Fusion of Diverse Technologies

We can perform the DTP editing that accompanies the maintenance of high volume documents that use HTML, SGML and XML. We are proficient with the Windows, Macintosh and Unix platforms.

Quality Management

We use a checklist to ensure that text elements such as style and notation rules are applied consistently.

Translation to DTP to Translation Memory One-Stop Solutions

We are adept with tools to streamline the flow from translation to localization and document production along with generation of translation memory.

Proficiency with Dozens of Software Applications

We are proficient with every industry-standard application in common use today, and we are also able to work with legacy applications when necessary.

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