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Localization Project Management Excellence

From its very foundations, our organization is built to provide clients with peace of mind and satisfaction.  With 50 years of localization project management experience behind us, we adapt to the unique characteristics of each project and use the best possible resources and processes to ensure success.

For each project, TOIN appoints a skilled Project Manager who is the main contact for the client and is responsible for the progress of the project. The Project Manager brings the project to a successful conclusion by managing it according to the budget, work progress timeline and overall quality specifications of the client.  In addition to these duties, the Project Manager is the staff member who proposes the initial solution to the client.  This proposal is the most important element in achieving customer satisfaction.  The experience we have cultivated over the years enables us to make the optimum proposal.

We provide a successful, first-class project that goes beyond the expectations of our clients.  All of our Localization Project Managers can speak at least two languages.  TOIN has employees from many different countries, and our Localization Project Management department is one of the most diverse in the company.

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