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Machine Translation

Overview of Machine Translation Trends and Technologies

The idea of machine translation (MT) in the modern era dates to the 1950s.  With the rise of computers and especially the Internet, the dream of translation by machine to automate communication between cultures has taken off, although much research and development is still needed. Machine translation is constantly improving, so it is anticipated that future translation quality will enable better products and services.

A variety of technologies have arisen.  Recent trends attracting attention are Statistical Machine Translation (known as SMT), as well as the older Rule-based Machine Translation (known as RBMT).  There are also technologies that combine these two approaches.

SMT requires the registration of a large set of corpus for training purposes. The larger the set of corpus, the more accurate a translation will be. In contrast, RBMT translates based on rules that describe a terminology dictionary and syntax, so normally RBMT does not require a large set of corpus. However, because it must always keep up with language changes and new words, RBMT may cost more than SMT.

TOIN’s Machine Translation Efforts

TOIN has been working on machine translation since the latter half of the 1980s. At first, we established a department mainly for language research and provided dictionaries to translation system manufacturers. More recently, we have actively participated in machine translation industry organizations with the aim of introducing machine translation and providing translation services to customers.

TOIN does not position machine translation just as translation software. We provide the level of translation quality our customers demand by relying on a range of ways to introduce machine translation. By incorporating not only machine translation but also other tools into our process, we are realizing higher quality and faster delivery times.

The following are some of TOIN's services that involve MT:

  • Post-editing of machine translation content provided by customers
  • Machine translating and post-editing content for customers
  • Pre-editing, machine translating, and post-editing content for customers
  • Consulting on best practices for introducing machine translation

At present, we are working to create wholly new solutions using machine translation based on our experience cultivated over many years. Talk to us about our new machine translation solutions that can improve quality and speed.

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