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Product Localization Engineering

Strength in Engineering

One point that sets us apart from our competitors is our well-trained and experienced localization engineering department. Leveraging our engineering department, TOIN is capable of delivering the most efficient and cost-effective method of product localization.

Gathering years of experience, our localization engineering department can handle most of the data formats and applications available in the market today. The majority of our engineering staff is bilingual and can answer directly any technical question that our clients might have through the whole product localization process.

Engineering Processes Include

Data Verification

We perform a complete check of the supplied source files to assess in advance any potential issues. At the same time, we perform a pseudo-translation to detect any issues that might arise during the translation work.

Pre-Processing and Post-Processing

Sometimes processing is required before the start of translation. Proper pre-processing can optimize translation work and enable smooth post-processing after the translation.

Run-Through Check

It is very important that IT-related documents and online help resources are consistent with the actual user interface of the application. By running this check we can guarantee that the document or online help will match the application.

Screen Shots

It is also important that the document or online help contains screen shots from the localized application. We generate these screen shots from the localized application, perform the required processing, and then import them to the documents or online help.

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